Small interview with Atlas Genius

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Atlas Genius is a promising Australian band who recently released their first single Trojans, which we posted earlier on The Music Beam. Lucky us, we had the opportunity to ask some questions to Keith Jeffery, band member of Atlas Genius.


Our first question isn't a question actually. Since we don't know a lot about the people behind Atlas Genius, can you introduce yourself for us please? 
We are Atlas Genius from Australia. We're a four-piece band with Mike on drums, Steve on bass, Darren on keys, and myself (Keith) on guitar and vocals.

What would you call your style of music and who are your influences?
It's hard for us to define our style of music being that we're inside the songs. I've noticed a lot of reviewers calling it Indie/Pop though. Is it? The most obvious influences that spring to mind are bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Phoenix, The Police, The Beatles, and Beck. I'm a huge fan of Ben Gibbards lyrics. He kills me every time. As far as the music is concerned, we like to have space, sections where it breathes. The Police and Phoenix are great at using space.

We really love your first single 'Trojans', are you working on a forthcoming single or your debut album?

I'm glad you like Trojans, we're proud of that little song. Especially as it's the first of our babies to be sent out into the world. As far as releases go, we're currently trying to decide how we want to release our next batch of songs. It might be just a single at a time or perhaps an EP. I honestly don't know yet.

These days, a lot of upcoming bands are Australian, like you guys, can you explain this hype or is it just coincidence?
Hmmm... well I actually wasn't aware that there were more Australian bands making a splash overseas than normal. I will say that there is definitely some finely crafted songs being created here though. The Temper Trap just blew me away with that album. Empire of the Sun have some amazing songs too. Maybe the isolation helps us.

If you are going to release more songs or an album, will you be touring in Europe as well or only in Australia?
Yes! We definitely want to tour Europe as soon as possible. I love Europe and Darren our keyboard is a Londoner. I'm sure he's keen to visit a few people. I'll keep you posted on that one.
Cheers to The Music Beam for the support!
Keith Jeffery,Atlas Genius


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